Mrs. Martha D. Hirpa

Martha Hirpa, Senior International Development Advisor, has over 30 years of experience in leading international development strategies and operations, particularly in the field of agriculture, food security and nutrition programs, resource mobilization and partnerships development, and social and human capital development. She has a successful track record initiating, designing, and implementing programs for strategic growth; engaging multi-stakeholders in groundbreaking ideas and initiatives, building dynamic and effective development teams, and partnering with leaders from the public, private, and producer sectors to leverage development resources and capacities for impact.

Prior to her current position, Martha served as Vice President of Institutional Partnerships and Manager of Heifer International’s Washington, DC, branch office. In this role, she led the organization’s business development work and created key business relationships with numerous development organizations and stakeholders; established partnerships with a number of agencies, including bi- and multi-lateral agencies, international NGOs, universities, research institutes, Think Tanks, and private sectors.

Over her career, Martha served on several key senior positions with different organizations, where she provided strategic leadership in program management, capacity building, business development, and youth, gender, and social development, geographically spanning across the regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America.

Martha Hirpa is a member of different professional associations and has served on several boards globally.

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